Tournament Regulations

Here you can download the PDF:

1. Procedure

The 8 participating teams will be playing in two groups, each team play against each other team in the same group. Each team plays a total of 5 games. The qualifying rounds are followed by the semi-final and by the final game. The first two teams of a group play the semi-final and the winners of the semi-final play the final game. The last two teams of the groups play against the other two teams of the other group for the ranking.

2. Ranking Rules

During the qualifying rounds, the following points will be awarded:


2 points
0 points
1 point

No overtime will be played during the qualifying games.

The team ranking will be made in the following order:
1 total points
2 result of the direct game between two teams
3 goal difference among the teams having the same amount of points
4 goal difference of the entire ranking round
5 drawing of lots

3. Games

Total match time:
Warm up:
First period:
Second period:
Ice cleaning

40 minutes
05 minutes
20 minutes / Old Boys games: 25 minutes
05 minutes
20 minutes / Old Boys games: 25 minutes

All times are running times. As of the semifinals: should the goal difference of a game be one or less during the last two minutes of the game, the clock will be stopped during any interruptions to the game. The rest of the game is then continued in effective playing time.

Should the semifinal games or the final game end in a tie, 5 minutes running overtime will be played with sudden death. If there is no winner, each team designates three players to place one penalty shot each. Should this procedure fail to produce a winning team, penalty shots will continue with 1 alternate player from each team, until a team is one goal ahead of the other team. No player may shoot a second penalty until all of his team mates have attempted a penalty shot.

Time-out: allowed only as of the semi-finals for 30 seconds – time will be stopped

4. Rules

The official rules of the IIHF basically apply. Exceptions:

  1. No body checking is allowed → penalty 2 minutes
  2. For Old-Boys games. No body checking and no slap shot allowed

5. Referees

  1. The decisions of the referees must be respected and discussions will not be tolerated.
  2. If this is not adhered to, penalties of 2 or 10 minutes running time or a banning from the tournament will apply
  3. Fighting is not tolerated – player will be banned for the tournament – organization committee reserves the right to exclude team from tournament

6. Insurance

Each player participating in the tournament is responsible for a valid accident insurance. The Swissair Hockey Team will not take liability for any injuries incurred during the tournament.

7. Jury

Objections of a serious nature must be reported immediately to the chairman. The chairman will call upon the jury, consisting of the original committee, the team captains and the chairman. The decisions of the jury are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

The Organization Committee of
The Tournament 2024

Cédric Steiner
Roger Rutzer
Fabio Emch / James McHale
Marco Künzler
Sam Egger
Simon Wüst
Norik Hiltebrand
Ice Rink
Christian Schaffenberger

Technical Commission / Referees
Tournament evening
Bar at ice rink
Team responsible
Give aways
Ice Rink